Who We Are...

We are filmmakers. For years we were always looking for ways to to make our films look like Hollywood cinemas, to get that intangible cinematic look that seemed to be only possible with expensive cameras and lenses. But more than that, we love images with character, images with gravitas that inspire awe. 

And if you’ve been in the same boat, then you know how hard this is! We’ve been there, trying LUTS and color grading software, ND and diffusion filters, vintage lenses, etc. That where we fell in love with anamorphic, the holy grail of filmmaking lenses.  

Anamorphic lenses are at a minimum, many thousands of dollars. There was no way we would be able to use a real one, so we looked for a solution. As there was no way we could afford a real anamorphic lens we looked for a cheaper product or solution to help with this and couldn’t find one — so we decided to make our own. Our filters are the cheapest and simplest option for the creative on the go looking to add character and mimic the legendary look of anamorphic lenses. 

From filmmakers to photographers — this is for anyone looking to enhance their images! Our products can be used on cinema cameras to DSLRS, and everything in between. The creative possibilities of our filters are endless, only limited to your imagination. 

 We aren’t a large company making these overseas, we are two cinematographers crafting these filters in California, USA. We designed this to empower you, the creative behind the lens. Happy filming!